Open Source ERP: accounting, CRM and more

LedgerSMB is an acronym for Ledger Small Medium Business,
often abbreviated as LSMB.

More than 87 000 downloads since 2006


The LedgerSMB project brings ERP/accounting software to small and midsize businesses.


  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • General ledger
  • Inventory management
  • Flexible framework to support Rapid Application Development for custom extensions
  • and more

The fact that LedgerSMB is open source - meaning that the source code is freely available - makes it even more customizable and flexible.

Available versions

Our current version is 1.4. This version contains mostly technical improvements over 1.3, but is our first version to be built on Dojo Toolkit for a much nicer UI experience.

Our Long Term Support version is 1.3. With over 45 patch releases with the initial release in October 2011, we consider this version highly stable.

Older versions are still available for download on SourceForge, but their use is highly discouraged both for security and data stability reasons. When using LedgerSMB versions 1.2 or earlier, it's encouraged to do so in a highly restricted network environment.

It's community policy to provide at least 36 months of community support for every 1.x release series.  As such, there's no community support available for pre-1.3 LedgerSMB versions. However, some vendors are willing to provide support or migration services.

Quality standards

The project holds high quality standards that should be expected from business software regarding these topics in particular:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Software quality
  • Useability
  • Accessibility


We achieve this goal by:

  • Stimulating a vibrant, open community centered around:
  • Keeping a strong focus on efficiency and effectiveness through:
    • use of proven technology
    • re-use of existing solutions
    • code and design pattern re-use within the code base
    • real world use cases - introducing real solutions


Some features currently under development and/or planned for future releases of LedgerSMB:

  • UI improvements (modern design, including mobile browser support)
  • Platform and language neutral APIs (XML and database stored procedures)
  • More authentication options
  • LDAP customer/staff support
  • More logic in the database with more constraints
  • Improvements on the data structure


LedgerSMB began in 2006 as a fork of the popular general ledger software package called SQL-Ledger largely written and maintained by Dieter Simader since 1999. Versions 1.2 and earlier are largely based on SQL-Ledger's code. As of 1.3 our codebase is quickly moving away from what we inherited. Some of the improvements that we've made to the code base so far include:

  • Enhanced security
  • Better Windows support
  • More reports
  • Better data integrity controls
  • Major size reduction while growing functionality

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